8K Television – Everything you need to know!

IFA is one place where you get to see the latest electronic innovations ever, across the globe.  Like every year, the users were in awe of a great surprise and there you go. The world hasn’t even got accompanied with the 4 K TV and IFA 2018 lately unveiled a new 8K TV for a supreme user experience.  The big players like Samsung and LG are showcasing the novel 8K marvels quite closely. The pricing is still under covers and soon is available for the electronic geeks.

In this post, you’ll find almost everything you need to know about 8K TV. But first thing first, let’s start with the basic to get the complete idea about what 8K is all about. It’s no brainer that 8K is twice of what 4K is, well the truth is, it’s not, shocked? Please continue reading. When it comes to screen resolution, we mean the horizontal and vertical lines.

By the simple logic suggest, 8K is 7680 X 4320 pixels. Therefore, 8K is 16 times the pixels of HD and four times that of 4K. Envision, if you have four 4K TVs placed in a 4 X 4 grid. That is an amazing lot of pixels (33,117,600 pixels).

We whiz at the precision of HD TV. Visualize what the clearness would be if the images were to be 16 times sharper. It’s hard to imagine except you experience the splendid sight. Also, you have technologies like HDR and HDR10 to make a perceptible change.

One can easily state that 8K is flawlessly evident on larger displays particularly from tremendously close quarters. In 2018, you have the major players like LG, Sony, and Samsung showing their 8K products concurrently. As of now, no one knows the pricing of the 8K TVs. Though, you can expect them to be exclusive in the first phase. The same was the case when the 4K TVs made their early ventures.

Is 8K content available at present?

Accept you purchase your 8K TV in 2018. Will you be able to watch 8K content on this TV? No, you would not since there is not much 8K content accessible nowadays.

Though, the positive feature of the 8K TVs is that they will be able to upscale the current 4K content to 8K. Yes, you will be able to practice the difference in the clearness immediately. Samsung has shown this by insertion two 85-inches 8K TVs side by side. One TV displayed 4K content in 4K while the other TV up-scaled the content to 8K.

The difference in clearness was directly identifiable with the up-scaled content looking definitely larger. Samsung claims that its 8K TV has an AI system intended to upscale 4K content frame-by-frame in real time.

In December 2017, NHK hurled a test channel completely for viewing 8K content. However, it was available for inspecting at excellent theatres very much comparable to the 2016 Summer Olympics footage. Still, things can be different in 2020 as the Tokyo Olympics will be a substantial showcase for 8K broadcast.

The world is hitting the spot now. You have 8K cameras accessible today. Henceforth, the day is not very far away when you would have 8K content for distribution on a consistent basis. The same was the case at the time of the hurling of the 4K content.

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