Catch the Most Prevalent Instant Messaging Apps Used Worldwide!

Catch the Most Prevalent Instant Messaging Apps Used Worldwide!

This is the very popular yet common way to stay connected with the dear ones. It is very simple, and easy to stay connected through the means of messages. Most people prefer text messages over the phone calls nowadays. Now we will see the best messaging apps that are commonly used for the purposes.


The snapchat messaging app is the first in the list. Snapchat attracted mainly the youth generation of the world. This snapchat allows its users to chat and call through the live video calling feature of the app. It also includes a unique feature that the involved users can only see the video messaging for the 10 seconds and after that, the message will be deleted from the company’s server.


Whatsapp is the next and the most popular messaging app around the globe. WhatsApp gives you the freedom to text, video calls, send emoji, etc. to the dear and near ones. For the best experience of a video call, you may connect you smartphone to the LED TV and get the feeling of you are talking in person. WhatsApp messaging app is free to download and install. One can use the WhatsApp messaging app to send a number of messages to his or her contact list.


Next is the Viber messaging app. This is a bit different from the WhatsApp messaging app as the Viber is first in the league to offer free voice calling. The Viber calling and text messaging app offers, an interface that is user-friendly and provides instant calling and text messaging feature to the user. Viber also comes in the list of the popular messaging apps.


Next in the list is the Kik messenger app that is one of its kinds to offer the messaging services. With the Kik messenger app, it is not required to enter or register through the contact numbers hence the Kik messenger app will provide security with the contact numbers. You can also send the memes, pictures, images, GIFs with this messaging app. This messaging app allows you to add the people in a group through their usernames and you can add up to 50 members in a group chat.


Line messaging app is the next in the list. It offers the free text messaging and video calling feature. You can find the app as the hybrid of the facebook and the tango and this LINE app provide some of the really cool and funny stickers to send to your friends. You can also see the news feed and find out that what your friends are up to.

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