iMemories – Convert Home Video & Photos into Digital Form

iMemories – Convert Home Video & Photos into Digital Form

The digital phase has totally altered the way how people stock and retain their images as well as videos. There are only some methods available for the people to digitize the memories and modernize them to this fresh era of technology. Whilst the images might be scanned over to the computers, it might take a lot of time and its quality might or might not be good.

The digitizing process of the home videos on a VHS or slides appears to be an impossible deed, so a lot of people just put them on the shelves and forget. iMemories is a fresh system which provides a fast and simple solution for all the people who desire to digitize their old memories. The facility is simple to use and provides one among the most low-priced methods of stocking and saving the fantastic memories that were at a time believed to be lost.

iMemories – Overview

iMemories is a facility that permits the users to provide their memories, regardless of the form they’re in, and get those digitized. iMemories is going to digitize each and every home photos, videos, negatives, and slides and give them back to the people in a contemporary, effortless to access digital setup. When it gets done, the users are going to lastly be capable of looking at and sharing all those old memories on the modern devices such as the PCs, smartphones, or the tablets.

Formats iMemories Can Digitize

iMemories is able to digitize virtually very old type of video or image and change it into a modern one. iMemories is able to change  Super 8, 8mm, Betamax, 16mm, VHS-C, VHS, Photo Prints, MiniDV, Slides, and the Negatives.

All the choices have been the main form of redeeming the memories some time ago. Though currently, that iMemories provides this fantastic facility, the users are going to be capable of accessing the memories in the digital form. And since this is performed really fast and economically, iMemories actually is one among the finest service results.

iMemories – Usage

There exist 3 simple steps to go on with the iMemories procedure. The whole system has been developed near precision and efficiency, so the users can sense obtaining a classy, fast service that assists them in getting their digitized needs fulfilled.

The primary step within the iMemories procedure is for the users to order a secure ship kit. The safe ship kits comprise of many diverse bags as well as boxes so that the users are able to provide their valuable memories lacking to worry about them becoming unsafe while they are shipped.

The iMemories safe ship kit comprises of the shock resilient foam, waterproof bags, a crush-resistant box, and a free of cost shipping tag for transferring things back to iMemories.

The moment the iMemories safe ship kit reaches, the users will be able to fill up the kit and guide it to the iMemories. While the kit reaches the iMemories head office, the primary thing they are going to do is to experience the box, evaluate the things, and provide the user an estimate for how much the digitization of that stuff is going to cost. The user is not going to be charged at all until the time they’ve accepted the estimate. As soon as this takes place, iMemories is going to process all that stuff.

At last, iMemories comes down to the improvement of the memoirs and their effective digitalization. The old images and the old videos don’t constantly appear their best. Due to this, iMemories improves these pictures, so that they appear as vibrant and crisp as likely. This gives rise to an enhanced viewing capability.

As soon as the memories are altered, the customers will be able to download them straight to their PCs, smartphones, or the tablets and your originals are going to be transported back instantly.

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